Should Christians be                  PROUD of Jesus?

                        Christians are always reminded to love Jesus but the question is,                                                           should Christians be reminded to be PROUD of Jesus?  Mathew 10:32 - Romans 1:16

     Our desire to bring more glory and honor to Christ led to our vision of "PROUD OF JESUS"   as an expression of "Pride In Christ" which is the single most important thing to be a Christian. PROUD OF JESUS Movement has just begun as it finally breaks down the centuries-old silence among the believers over "Pride" or "Proud". Christians can publicly express their PRIDE in Christ on gifts, greetings, publications, and beyond.  Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26

      Because of the immense Biblical significance of being Proud of Jesus, it is our hope that the books of "PROUD OF JESUS" would be authored by #PopeFrancis, #JudahSmith, #JoelOsteen, #TDJakes, #JoyceMeyer, #RickWarren, and other great scholars to bring glory to Christ in a much more meaningful way. ( Hebrews 3:3 )

I'm not ashamed of the Gospel!  

         I AM PROUD OF JESUS...I boast!   

  About Our Belief:  It is our belief that the use of words such as "Pride" or "Proud" is Holy  and is Not Sinful  as long as we ultimately acknowledge God in our Boasting, what He has accomplished  in us and through us.         1Corinthians 1:31 - Galatians 6:14  

   The Ultimate Christian Album! 

It is our hope that this thought provoking Christian album "I AM PROUD OF JESUS because..."  created by the world's most admired musicians such as   #Usher,  #AKON, #TobyMac, FredHammond, #JustinBieber, and others will enter into every Christian home and would transcend churches of all denominations in the years to come.

           God works in mysterious ways to accomplish something because His ultimate                         summations are far beyond what the limited human mind can comprehend.                  



      ProudOfJesus®  was publicly introduced in 2014










































































































Seeking guidance!

  * How should Christians express their Pride in Christ in public?                  

 Your suggestions would make a difference!