God works in mysterious ways to accomplish something because His ultimate            summations are far beyond what the limited human mind can comprehend!!!

 Why is #JustinBieber so proud of Jesus?                 Watch Justin's "VIDEO 

"I'm so proud of Jesus!'" #JustinBieber - It is our hope that "PROUD OF JESUS"               albums would be produced by the world's most admired musicians such as   #Usher, #JustinBieber,  and  others as a reminder for Christians to be PROUD of Jesus and would transcend churches and      temples of all denominations world-wide in the years to come.

Image result for justin bieber#JustinBieber: “God Told Me to Change My Ways" - Bieber said that after he heard God's voice. In a media interview, the Canadian said that God had come to him when he was lost. He believed that the almighty was telling him something. That was when he decided to "get his stuff together" in his own words.

  Seeking guidance from the "Vatican":

"be proud of Jesus!"       

       "PROUD OF JESUS" is the ultimate Christian boast in Christ! -- Galatians 6:14                      The immense Biblical significance of being PROUD of Jesus was overlooked in the past. It is our belief that being "PROUD" is Holy and is Not Sinful  as long as we ultimately acknowledge God  in our Boasting, what He has accomplished in us and through us.  Corinthians 1:31

It is our hope "PROUD OF JESUS" publications would transcend Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and temples of all denominations and would encourage, equip, and engage scholars  of all faiths because Jesus set an example of  equally valuing and RESPECTING all  people,    regardless of class standing and faiths.  * God, If I hurt others, give me the strength to       apologize, if people hurt me, give me the strengthen to forgive!

          I'm not ashamed of the Gospel!           

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  * Why is #JustinBieber so PROUD of Jesus?               

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